Enjoying Peace, llvl

I love living in a small town. You hear that from me again and again. La vida local. My vida local. Your vida local.

It’s not as if there aren’t plenty of problems to be addressed. There are societal and cultural problems and there are just as many personal issues — estrangements, accidents, illnesses — as any other place. All of those things need our attention.

But it’s easier, I find, to give them my attention when it feels as if I belong here and that I can perhaps make a difference.

But when I belong here, I know what there is to do. I’m hoping your little town is like this, because there’s lots to do here. This week there were three things I didn’t get to because there were other things I did get to!

And that makes life a pleasure. Everyone should dabble in pleasure now and again. It keeps you going for the long haul. It keeps you investing in making your life and your community sweeter. Peace!


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