Electronic Detente

I know I strive for Peace. But sometimes with electronics, you celebrate detente.

I have a wonderful new computer. I am so lucky. But as often happens with electronic equipment, that which should be so easy is complicated. Even when you purchase for not complicated.

And better than anything, I have a wonderful friend who does great untangling. for a living. and knows the way my mind works and the ways it doesn’t.

so, I can hand it over and he doesn’t even think less of me.

It’s a wonderful thing. And within a week, it’ll all be computer Peace at my house. And that will be swell…

If only I can figure out how to do the next three things I need to do!

But, they’ll get done… and whoever thought Peace was going to be a quick fix? Not with people… and not with my learning curve.

But hurrah for detanglers and their mad computer licks. And hurrah for my job which offered me the opportunity to have this beautiful machine. I am a grateful woman.


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