Eating Sabbath Peace in the Berry Moon!

The sweetness of summer foods. Every year when summer comes, I wonder about spending a year eating in season… not buying anything “fresh” at the supermarket.

We used to do that. They certainly were better about that in Sweden. Salads were almost always cabbage based… cabbages that had been stored in cold cellars alongside the carrots — and they were great!

And what makes that worthwhile is the wonder of how good the food tastes when you eat the first fresh spinach, the first fresh strawberry. oh… yum… The bounty of Mother Earth is extraordinary!

Explosions of tastes and food eaten in comfy outdoor places. I like picnics but i like lunch on the porch with no ants as well!

Lovely slow meals, it’s a great way to observe the Sabbath! Hope yours is Peaceful and Joyful and filled with flavor.


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