Driving Peace

It’s such a simple thing: wear your seatbelt.

I’ve gotten that middle of the night phone call. “I’m sorry to have to inform you…” I got the call, because my niece’s fiancé said, her parents have already gotten that call once, call Aunt Ann, she can tell them. So the cop called Aunt Ann and I had to tell my sister and her husband that everything they had relearned of happiness had disappeared. Given the injuries, both the medics and the ER guys were able to say, oh thank you for that news, had she been wearing her seat belt, it would have been different.

My dear, we lost you because you were careless. So we had to sort the rage out of the most profound pain.

28,000 tickets. How many more were never noticed by the police? It’s the law because it saves lives. You are not immune. Accidents do happen. Protect yourself.

Our hearts are fragile vessels that do indeed shatter in our chests.

Wear the damn seat belt. Give Peace. And take good care of yourself… you know the rest of that song.



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