Don’t Miss It

Summer time, and the living is fabulous!

Lammas! That late summer wonder is here. Bringing with it such garden bounty. Corn! Tomatoes! Eggplant! Cukes! yum!!!

I love the slant of the sun this time of year. And yesterday for the first time the breeze blew cool and I went to bed with the windows open and a fan blowing. The sleeping was heavenly. The heat will rise again, but you could feel Fall leafing through the catalog choosing where she might be off to in a few short weeks.

By now, I know the length of the town pool, so my summer swimming has finally settled into its rhythm. My injured ankle improves in the daily back and forth. Perhaps it’s because I know the month is slipping away so I treasure each dip in the pool. Somehow as the laps build up, the years slip away and I am ageless in the water. Even my fear and sadness cannot stand against its healing properties.

Yesterday I swam next to a woman, all business with her training, shoulders rippling with muscles. Such is my joy in the swimming that I didn’t bother to feel badly that she was so fit and I was, well, not. We giggled about time slipping away, exchanging dates of births but not names while hanging panting on the end of the pool.

Fall will come and then it will be my favorite. But for a little while, as that old saying goes on days like this: God’s in Her Heaven and all’s right with the world.

Even if it’s only for short moments, I hope you can experience August’s generosity. It’s a wonderful gift when she so often rests heavily on our days.

P.S. Don’t forget Perseid’s showers!

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