Dithering Peace

Do I follow the weather or is it just the season. I feel stuck in my journey at the moment. Lots of little details. Very little progress. ‘Way too much repetition. Incredible opportunities to see where my bounding forward caused issues that need to be reworked. I yearn forward, and the work is in the present, right here, right now.

Maybe a good image is that of raking away the winter cover. It is a necessary and tedious job. It must be done carefully, or you’ll rake away the shyly emerging bulbs. This is a good time for allies, if you like me, have a fair amount of Tigger-esque qualities. Bouncing isn’t part of the needed skill set. Patience and deep breathing are.

These holidays and this cusp are important. Dwelling where we are, being present in the moment is as well. Peace. Rake slowly.


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