Dancing Lunacy in the Snow Moon

I had the most fun yesterday. My friend Sue and I, who are inexplicably competing in the the local Aphasia Center’s Dancing with the Stars fundraiser, were plotting and planning.

(Why yes, we do know what we’ll be wearing, thank you! Bling always matters! especially when you’re unsure of your steps!)

We’re only going to win this if lots of generous friends show up… ahem. It’s a great cause. You can sign up here… No one told me that being a minister would get you the good gigs… I think next year, Sue and I should solicit lots more clergy…

But in the meantime, we’re going to have so much fun. Because… hey! Dancing.

Who plots and plans dancing? Few of us. We don’t get together to dance. We don’t get together to sing.

Why is that? Because you know what? it’s incredibly fun. What else is there in your life that you say that about as an adult. It’s incredibly fun. Rise up on the strength of laughter! And where there’s fun, real fun, there’s Peace. Let’s dance!


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