Courageous Peace

Courage is such a under-appreciated trait. There are so many people living courageously every day. Getting out of bed and accomplishing the day’s chores sometimes requires greater courage than folks who decide to summit a mountain.

Courage for soldiers is probably as great living in the aftermath as in the moment when training and adrenalin are surging through their bodies.

And the courage to work unflaggingly for Peace. we need that. Let us encourage one another. What we always need is the courage to be present to the moment and respond to the needs to the best of our abilities. Here’s wishing us all the courage to live our lives for Peace.

(I’ll be off for two weeks, but keep checking the website, posts are scheduled to appear! Probably not everyday, but often enough that you’ll know I thought about you as I prepared to leave on my two-week vacation with my sister! Peace, my friends.)


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