Country Peace

I always think that country and blues are not my favorite genres (well, if they’re not old timey blues!). And then I hear them. And then I think about which songs I tend to know the words too…

I like the songs that are willing to capture the beauty of a day or a simple life. Even when there’s hardship and challenge, there’s often the reminder, as there is in the psalms, that there are things of great beauty and we need to remember them.

Country music, honky-tonk blues make ideas concrete. Nothing ethereal about them. Just a good beat and some good sense. (Ok, not the drinking, i’ll never love anyone else, oh, my truck blues… but the other.)

Frank sings the heck out of those blues… or is it that he sings the Peace into them.

Every once in a while, it’s pretty great to have some Country Peace!

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