Conversations in Peace

The conversations that get struck up in locker rooms are often totally fascinating.

I don’t know whether it’s the complete physical exposure that makes them so revealing… it may be. Older women are used to getting undressed and then dressed in locker rooms as they do at home. Take your clothes off, put your work out clothes on. Take your work out clothes off, get in the shower, put your clothes on. All the while, talk, talk, talk.

Young women don’t seem to be as comfortable. (It can’t be that they just find us and our conversations horrifying, can it?) But they tend to change under a towel facing a corner.

We talk about everything: Life and death and everything in between.

Yesterday I had a fascinating conversation about genealogy and how this chemist used it to teach research methods.

We talked about my family’s arriving from Wales to go to the coal mines and she, because of the local research she did, could pretty much tell me where and when he might have entered the country. History. So fascinating. Why didn’t someone teach me this way in school. For years I thought history was only about war.

But whatever it had been it would have been fascinating, because she was talking about something that completely captivated her.

Oh, there’s such Peace and Possibility out there. We just have to touch people’s Passions and get connected. Have a nice day. Talk to people about what interests them and what interests you! Make some Peace.

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