Containing Peace, llvl

Ah, the human heart. Or at least this human heart. Holding so many contradictory thoughts and feelings.

But I guess that’s the truth of life, isn’t it. It isn’t this or that, it’s all those things. We need to stretch past the other, very real emotions and obstacles to Peace.

There is a stunning picture making the rounds on Facebook (and I helped) of a bereft Israeli father holding a bereft Palestinian one. Moving into their grief toward Peace. How do we learn to love one another?

Loss is a lousy way to get there, but it’s sometimes the road we’re on.

I know that the visceral anger I feel at what’s going on in this world is helpful. It is that rage at what is wrong that pushes me to what is right. It mobilizes not only me but us. Here we are, in whatever haphazard way, working toward becoming a Valley with No Hungry Children. Individuals putting in their $1.25 a week or finding ways to help the project along. Making a difference because we can and because we want to.

How many lives can we touch? How many hands can join in the Peace-making efforts? So many more than our cynicism would like to believe. Peace. It’s where we want to be going, whatever else is going on in our lives. I’m grateful that my vida local is small enough that I get to know so many neighbors who are going there too…


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