Community Peace Under the Moon

Community is a practice not an entity. It takes time and effort to slowly develop the skills to be a good community member, to take your place in the crowd.

There are so many jobs to be done. There are jobs for everyone. Often there are people to teach us those jobs. But sometimes, now, because we’ve been moving away from living in community, we’ve had to dig around a bit to see if we couldn’t find the roots. Then we’ve had to relearn… or in some cases make up… our hand books for best community practices.

Who makes the scalloped potatoes? Who makes the sauce? Who makes the Pad Thai? Who are the people with the pieces of our community that we have to assemble and cultivate.

It’s a slow process… but one that can give us so much if we choose to participate. We have people who want to follow in our footsteps and we can hand down the information we’ve cultivated…

This painstaking making of community is also the painstaking making of Peace. It’s what we need. It’s its own sweet lunacy — the lunacy of Peace. As I said earlier — wouldn’t you like to be a lunatic too? (and now, don’t feel you’re ready for lunatic? there are now lunatics in training! This could be you!)



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