Community Peace Tales

I know. I go on about this, but our community’s yard sale is six days long. We raise a lot of money and the left-overs go off to support other organizations. Today we found out that we can possibly be of service to the migrant workers who labor in the surrounding 7 counties. This would be wonderful!

But one of the sweetest things for me is the chance to be in community. We get to talk to one another. When we meet on Sunday, there are so many of us and it’s difficult to find the time to chat. But while straightening out the glass ware, refolding shorts or taking a moment in the cafe, it’s great to be together and have the chance to begin to know one another better.

Sharing stories about our lives is a precious thing. We all have things going on. We all have problems. We all have laughter to share.

On Sundays we share our joys and concerns, in short pithy statements. On days like yard sale days, there’s the luxury of time and repeated encounters. What a blessing.

There’s a very special kind of Peace that grows from such encounters. Hurrah for memory making under the Full Thunder Moon. Did you see it last night? it was gorgeous!


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