Committing Peace

I’m a woman full of dreams and plans. I’ve gotten better as I’ve aged in bringing plans to fruition. But I realize, that whatever my plans, there is a thread to my life. When I plan with that thread, when I at least recognize it, my plans flow along a lot more fluidly. One of my friends would tell you my calling is to be with those who are dying. It’s true, I’ve walked with people up to death and celebrated their lives afterwards.

But I think the crux of my gift is to be present. That’s what I’m good at. And it’s sort of hard, because I’m also a doer… So those two things struggle in me for supremacy. Both have their value. But for a high energy person, I’m good at being present. And I really work well when I’m present for a specific project and then to leave when I’m no longer needed. Sometimes I feel as if I’m a gadfly because other folk have the gift of constancy, instead of my short intense forays into presence.

My friend Jean has the gift of hospitality. Through her great food, she nourishes not only individual souls but also the sense of community. Many of us have been made welcome at her table. Some people build houses. Others build organizations. Some just keep things humming along.

If we do those things at which we are best with open hearts and minds set on Peace… the world begins to change. And when we do those things we’re passionate about, people want to join us. Life can get deeper. Life can get broader. Life can become simpler and more beautiful and oh, by the way, better. Joyful, even. Peaceful.

So, what is it for you? what do you do best? How do you make Peace. The world needs us desperately. We need to stop the violence. We need to stop the hate. We do. right here. so we can call upon our neighbors and get other people involved. and slowly, slowly, slowly, and then perhaps not so slowly, the world will change.



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