Coming Together in Peace

I think Peace is not a solitary endeavor. We make Peace with our friends and then as friends we make Peace. I just finished a book that talked about a leader who had the good of society in his mind but didn’t have the good of the communities in his heart. It tainted his doing good.

We the People make the Peace. We may not concentrate on it enough, but it’s true nonetheless.

We can do this differently if we choose. Do we choose Peace? Do we choose connection?

I’ve said several times but none with more urgency than now, I never thought that the most important thing I had to offer in my ministerial work was community. And they never teach you that (oooh same problem as the leader in this fantasy novel!). You all think you’re going to be a prophet for your (oh-so-gifted) oratory. Nah, it’s the smiles and waves and hugs that set the scene. It’s the actions. And if you’re lucky, you’ll preach well come Sunday morning…

So, get up, gather your group (or meet up for them) and plot for Peace.

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