Cloudy Peace

Much of our October weather this year, here on the east Coast, has been smack between your eyes beautiful. Blue skies, vibrantly colored leaves, still green grass. These are days where the focus seems sharper than ever.

So sometimes we let those soft grey (gray?) days go by with no appreciation at all. These are the days that begin to usher in the Mystery. Mystery is far more slowly moving than the obvious. This may be why we don’t have time for much of it these days. And yet, and yet, it changes our lives — The wonder and perhaps also the stealth and slow speed which is required.

It is not good to live disconnected from the Mysterious. So much is asked of us these days, and so much requires our being fast and flashy and brilliant. Mystery requires our being still and quiet and open. Open can be dangerous in today’s world. But I think in the long run, it is more difficult to live without it. As the month draws to an end (so soon, too soon) I’ll look more at this. But for now, do not curse as the soft dark draws in. Explore it. See what might be waiting for you. (and those of you with SAD? get out there and stride around when it is light, it helps us! It’s that breathing thing and the light thing.)


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