Clinging to Lunatic Peace

There is work to be done. And we’re the doers of that work. Sometimes it’s confusing to figure out what our piece of Peacemaking is.

It’s easy for me to get lost in how big the problems are and how interconnected the problems are and then to poke at those issues as intellectual puzzles rather than deal with it where it’s real. People’s lives are affected by the things we don’t address.

Children are hungry. People of color’s lives are truncated in so many ways by our refusal to see. People in poverty are seen as the problem rather than the result of laws and policies.

Some of us are best suited to deal with symptoms. Some better to rabble rouse and expose the truths of fear and greed’s costs. And some of us are policy makers. Each of those jobs are important.

And each of us can do some piece of one of them.

It’s just a matter of deciding what…

And then rising the swell of a beautiful day and a burgeoning moon to the rescue! The Moon may help us understand we’re all equal but the sun helps us to move from dreams to action.

Let us both dream of Peace and bring it into being. What banner will you take up? What cause will you embrace?


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