Choosing Love & Peace in the Flower Moon

As always when I’m in one place with a bunch of people I love, I get confused because all the other bunches of people I love aren’t there.

Love is a wonderful and mixed up thing… and creating family is so important. The Flower Moon is also known as the Mother Moon, it’s about figuring this stuff out. Who do we love? Who do we Mother? Who do we Family?

Love is a deliberate choice. It’s fraught with knowledge and boundaries and it’s hard work. It seems so easy at first, but it requires attention and awareness.

Peace is like that too. It’s not just the honeymoon, it’s the careful and deliberate intention to be at Peace, in Peace, in love with Peace demands.

We need more Love. We need to create more Family. We need more Peace. And oh, right, it’s on us. It’s important work.


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