Building Peace Traditions, llvl

I know, you know this about me. I love living in my little vida local! It always surprises me how much I like it, given how much time I’ve spent living outside such connections. Yesterday was a sweet coming together of many of the things I love best.

Church was crowded yesterday and there was a lot going on. And all of it was stuff that made me happy — even if there was a lot I’m not crazy about doing! We had a soup potluck and everyone was really happy for warm soup. And then 10 of us, many of whom were teenagers, went off to Ronald MacDonald House to volunteer. And the rest of us, for the first time in a very long time decorated the sanctuary for the holidays. The great thing about being UU in this time period is how many holidays you get to celebrate. The kids were engaged and so were lots of the adults. There wasn’t one bit of unhappiness, because the organizers had it well set up. So lots of busy elves and there was great cleaning up.

And so we began a tradition of things to look forward to. A day in the midst of the hustle and bustle where we come together, feast, get to know one another whether through doing things around our church home or out in the wider world. And it wasn’t just the people who went who contributed to RMH, they took along lots of casseroles from everyone.

Nothing outrageous. Nothing that groups don’t do all the time, but sweet simple good times in the company of friends making holidays bright. Sweet burgeoning Peace.


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