Breakfast Peace

I know it’s the Fourth of July, and I’m supposed to write about the Fourth and the country and… and maybe tomorrow.

Today I wanted to write about my breakfast on Saturday.

I love going out for breakfast. It’s fun to do with friends and family. And it’s wonderful to do by myself. Just me and a book or a newspaper and whatever looks good. Ahhh. (Shhhh!)

I’m happy to be cheerful to the waitress and I’m happy not to talk to anyone. I normally don’t talk to anyone early in the morning.

But there I was, out and about, book on the table. The waitress came over at the “give the client the bill” time, and said, I wanted to let you know your breakfast has been paid for. (See the musing!) I was stunned. Did I know them? No. Are they still here? No. I reminded the woman of her sister who did the same thing.

Amazing. It happens more often than you think, the waitress says. Really? Yes. Really, fairly often.

It was the sweetest thing. I hope her sister knew how much she was loved. I hope the sister loved the donor for her easy generosity. And Dammit, it made me miss Deb…

But I think that both the woman who paid for my breakfast and I were both lucky to have wonderful sisters… I wish she’d stopped to tell me… so i could have reminded her how much her sister loved her.

So much Peace in this world. And so many people who just reach out their hands in love. I am so touched… Such a lovely surprise. And the waitress was so happy to be able to tell me… So she got to do good as well and share in the loveliness.


One thought on “Breakfast Peace

  1. There’s a lovely moment in a movie from quite a while ago. I think the movie was called “Living Out Loud.” The character played by Holly Hunter, who’s in her 40s and has been hit with a divorce, struggles to find herself. Towards the end of the movie, she’s happy to be alone and she goes to a restaurant by herself with a book. From across the room, another even older woman by herself with a book salutes her. They smile. At least that’s the way I remember the moment from the movie. As I remember it, it was a lovely and affirming moment. As it seems you had the other day!

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