Breakfast on the Road to Peace

I am so lucky to have 6 weeks in July and August for both vacation and study. I read, read, read… and that’s fabulous. I try and tuck in visits to family, friends and colleagues. Looking for love in all the right places. Looking for ideas as well.

My husband keeps playing during the summer, and most of the places I’m going are about what I’m reading, what I’m growing for next year and who I know who can keep asking better questions than I’m asking.

So driving is time for thinking.

But on Roadtrips… you gotta eat to keep your strength up, right?

So on my way to my friend Faye’s, I stopped for breakfast. I got up extra early which is not my favorite, but got to drive through Dawn down alongside my beautiful river. And then I stopped at the River House Diner. They make their own raisin bread there. And then they make it into grrrreat french toast. I rarely eat french toast. Breakfast is usually eggs. But when you’re someplace special… Rome and all that!

And there I was, with my lovely mystic fantasy story, which is looking an awful lot like a story about racism now that I’m focusing on that in my thoughts and prayers… It’s a great re-read, which is what I do when I’m reading something challenging for work so it doesn’t interfere with the thinking part of the work!

Great Sunrise. Great Journey. Great Breakfast. Great Book.

And back on the road to Faye’s, where we walk and eat and talk about things that matter.

Peace is often a lovely journey.



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