Bogs and Peace

We talk about being bogged down and that’s seen as a bad thing. Bogs are spongy and slurpy and like to suck our shoes off our feet. And as the (i think) hilarious meme says (or sorta says, sorry, author, for the misquote) “Growing up, I thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem in my life!” In my youth, on tv shows, everyone got caught in quicksand at least once.

But we don’t talk about the fact that bogs are teeming with life: avian, reptilian, icthyoid, mammalian, and amphibian. It’s probably where life started.

Why don’t we talk about that?

We do know that wetlands are important. And not enough of them are protected. When those sponges are unhealthy, we are as well.

If we want to foster life, we need to clean up our water and our wetlands. Peace of a healthy ecosystem to you my friends.

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