Behold the Day! A Day for Peace!

It is such a gorgeous day. Sunny and lovely. It’s the last day of the pool, alas, alack. It’s hard to let it go, but I’ve had such a wonderful summer. So great. How can I be anything other than thrilled? OK, a little mournful, but the end of summer play means a year of meaningful work.

For me this is a day of back to work and picnics and friends.

A day to savor everything we have and live in happy expectation of what’s ahead. Good times, good friends, good work! And because I’ll be at my husband’s family for a picnic, Sweet love, sweet family and sweet music. (and great food! Picnics!)

This is a day for Peace in the heart and to make Peace in the world.

So let’s do that thing. Have a great day. Enjoy some Peace. Make some more!




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