Beginning-again Peace

When you have huge pinnacles in your work/life/love, there’s an odd sort of moment when you realize that the what you thought of as a destination is really just a way station. The path leads on from there, and after your rest, you need to refill the backpack and get back on the road — which is all right, because you chose your work/life/love for the journey, it’s just a bit disorienting.

Time to take stock, examine your heart, get out the compass and the GPS, and “ease on down the road.” This time, however, you’ve got sweet memories, and not just great hopes, to keep you going as you set off down the Peaceroad.

If you haven’t recently plotted and planned for something at which you could succeed wildly, after a lot of good work accomplished and new relations built, let me recommend you try it. Aid if it’s a project you’ve done for the world? You might just find you like it enough to keep working for Peace.



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