At the Edges of Peace

I love the smell of the marsh flats. And they always symbolized the beginnings of vacation. The first scent of salt was the start of anticipation. And back in those days, you traveled with the windows down because there was very little air conditioning in homes, let alone in cars!

Wonderful things live in the marshes. Maybe it wasn’t from a salt bog that Life crawled onto Land; as I say in the musing, I’m no biologist. But they teem with life.

I spent my time at the beach at the beach playing in waves; but there were always morning trips to dunes and bogs to look at birds…

After yesterday’s vigil in commemoration of the dead and wounded in Orlando, it was wonderful to get Pete’s photo… maybe we can go back to the beginnings and start to think again about Peace. Because we really need to think about Peace.

I found myself wondering as I looked at this picture, if new life began at the edge of a bog, could new life also begin at the edges of Peace? Is that where possibility lies?


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