Appreciating Advent; Appreciating Peace

I, like many of us, find it easy to complain. Everything falls short of our expectations — and sometimes our expectations are abysmally low. But sometimes things are just fine and we’re just whiny. It’s important to notice what works and to appreciate, even celebrate, those things.

Advent is one of those times when we are asked to look back — in wonder, perhaps? Turning a critical eye on things doesn’t just mean noticing what isn’t right, it means noticing what what works and what’s easy and wonderful.

If people believe you see them for who they are as wonderful bits of creation, they will dig deep and behave that way more frequently. All of that from a little honest appreciation.

We can do this. We can notice what is right with our world and build on that.

Let us appreciate what we have and work for more. Let us work for Peace.

Alternative Advent – December 14: 15¢ if you have cooking pots. hmmm have or use?


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