An End to This Peace Pilgrimage

It was a beautiful trip and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have done this with my sister Deb.

I admit, I found it appropriate to end that amazing trip with a small earthquake. Having spent a lot of time on the West Coast, I have a weird sort of fondness for the small ones. The huge ones are scary, but to know that the earth truly moves, I mean, literally moves and to feel that? is some kind of wonderful. (Remember — it’s not the first time you’ve thought me odd.)

Of everything, I was caught by the sacredness of the experience and the realization that, for me, this was a pilgrimage. It was a very important trip to take with my sister. And it was a very important trip in and of itself. Sweet companionship, awesome, in the ancient, awed sense of that word, scenery and wildlife… and time where I wrote nothing, read very little, especially of value, forgot the news and people’s troubles, and was. They say it takes 3 days to go media free. nonsense. one good hot-tub and you’re ready.

Go cruise the Alaskan Inner Passage. I think you’ll be delighted! And Deb, thanks for the time together, it couldn’t have been sweeter… or more Peace-filled.




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