A Photographer of Peace Lunacy

He took so many pictures. But the pictures so many of us remember, that struck us right in the heart of our love for our little town was the one of the full moon rising behind the courthouse.

It’s a beautiful shot no matter what… but when it’s a shot of something you love… ah… it’s somehow so much sweeter.

When we walked up the hill after the funeral to the grave site, we were all moved by the view… his view… his town…

And such a crowd, so many people moved by his wonderful artistry and by his gentle soul. He walked around town with his camera, capturing unseen angles and vistas, but talking to everyone…

He was a gentle, Peaceful man who loved the moon. He taught us to see things differently. What a gift to give the world. What a gift for us to receive and take seriously. Peace. and the Moon. and Marlin. What a blessing.


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