A Gift of Life and Peace

A guy who coaches kids’ baseball is going to give one of his players a kidney. Yesterday, woman I know raced to save a child from drowning.

We hear all these stories of humans being downright nasty to one another, and yet, and yet… so often we’re so much better than that. People are good people all the time. Everyday heroines. Everyday heroes.

When these things happen we need to stand up and cheer. We need to lift up the good stories and celebrate them. We’re so quick post negative and whiny stories on social media. And, although I know that a lot of us take joy in cute cat videos, those vids don’t encourage us to do what we can. And as the beloved June Jordan says, “More than that, what can anyone ask?”

This guy is a match and he’s willing to do it for a child he likes. And she will live to play ball another season. This woman was in the right place and saw what happened. Sometimes Peace is just as simple as that. Let’s give thanks. And let’s explore where we’re called to be everyday heroes and heroines. And let’s support each other as we do. Together, we can.


One thought on “A Gift of Life and Peace

  1. It’s so hard sometimes. When you hear about the impact of great human cruelty on a daily basis at work from your own patients and then you have experienced it yourself at a very early age. The suffering of the world can weigh heavily on a person who is working to ameliorate it. It sometimes feels like rushing around to put fingers in a dam. That story of onlookers. In Britain jeering a suicidal woman realy got to me. Obviously, I work with m a many suicidal people.

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