Perfection Only Happens When You Look In The Right Way

Questor broken and valued VA229

The textures of life are made up of approximations of ideals, as it is never possible for an ideal to ever be fully realized. Just as it is never possible to reach the speed of light, only get infinitesimally closer and closer, without ever actually arriving. But that is the journey! Growing ever closer to the world even as it constantly changes! What joy!!

He Could Bearly Contain His Joy

Questor bear waving A149

Even in the moment of goodbye, we contain and are contained by the fullness of life and all who have entered its embrace. But never should we hurry other beings off this grand stage – their time is theirs, as ours is ours. Both demand respect!

This Life Is A Test…

Questor compassion A181

Questor understands this is not a conundrum. And he is not a koan-head….

It’s Cold in Them There Woods!

Questor pond A047

All year long the waters are in motion, and most beings complain about too much change. Now the waters are still and held in their orbit, all change halted until the sun gets its game face back on. What’s to complain about!? Put on that nice knit cap and those gloves from Grandma and enjoy this frozen moment!